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See how much you know about the weather.

Sorry! The correct answer is

A) 15.75 feet - or D) 189 inches

The record for the most snow in a SINGLE storm is 189 inches (15.75 feet) at Mount Shasta Ski Bowl in California from February 13-19, 1959. The record for the most snow in a 24-hour period is 76 inches (6.33 feet) at Silver Lake, Colorado, on April 14-15, 1921. The record for the most snow in a calendar year goes to Paradise, Mount Rainier, in Washington with 1,224.5 inches (102 feet) from February 19, 1971, to February 18, 1972!

The next time it snows, take a piece of black construction paper or black fabric that has been chilled outdoors. Catch some snowflakes and examine them with a magnifying glass. You will notice that no two snowflakes look alike!  Also, notice that the shape of the crystal that forms depends on the air temperature. In bitter cold conditions, needle and rod-shaped snow crystals form. When temperatures are just below freezing (just below 32°F), more complex snow crystals take shape.

Depending on the water content and air trapped in the snow, it can get extremely heavy when it accumulates. While water usually drains away, snow can keep building up and the collective weight can often collapse roofs of buildings. Over many years as snow builds up, it starts to compress and condense under its own weight, and in consistently cold environments like the mountains or the arctic, can eventually form glaciers. Over many years, glaciers can eventually break off and turn into icebergs. Click here to read about the biggest glacier in the world.


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